What To Know About Post UTME

It is very important to know what Post UTME is all about as you prepare to put on Jamb. The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is a computer-based standardized examination for prospective undergraduates in Nigeria. It is designed to assess problem solving, critical thinking, knowledge of scientific concepts and principles significance of each subject taken.

Different Experience Of What To Know About Post UTME

Knowing someone else experience and how he solve it give you an edge when you are face with thesame matter, you can read up different stories of what to know about Post UTME here but in this article you will get to know about Amaka experience.

Learn from their experiences today and make a better choice for your tomorrow.

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The Jamb examination is a must for every individual who wants to enter higher institution in Nigeria.

What to Know about Post UTME

Jamb overall score is 400 and individual higher institutions are responsible for deciding what the cut off mark may be.

Admission into higher institution is a hard battle to win in Nigeria; with numerous tales of students settling for unwanted courses, staying at home for over 7 years while they consistently try to gain admission. 

When applying for Jamb and Post UTME, what are the schools did you applied for?

Delta State University Abraka DELSU, University of Benin UNIBEN, and also Federal Polytechnic Auchi just in case.

What made you choose the school you graduated from and what do you thing we need to know

Well I choosed UNIBEN because of its success story and I was quite aware of its standard education facilities.

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What inspired you to choose your discipline or course of study?

I found out that business is one thing that gives me Joy, So I had to take a business related course to siut my desire.

Did you attend any Jamb Class in preparation for the Jamb Exam?

Yes I did and it was quite helpful.

How many times did you write Jamb Exam?

3 times

What were your challenges in preparing for your Jamb Exam?

Well I wouldn’t say I faced any challenges I mean admission came with no difficulty at all. The first set of names UNIBEN released had my name so I didn’t see any challenges.

well, at some point before the exams I really did not know what to read.

What was your Jamb score?


Were you convinced that your Jamb score would scale you through?

Actually, When I saw my jamb score I was excited but disappointed as well because I expected more; but I was also grateful because I knew it would get me my desired course of study.

What should the audience know about your Post UTME experience?

Actually, I was tensed but I let God do the Work

Did you gain admission into your dream school?


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How was the clearance like in your school? Was it difficult or easy?

It was extremely difficult and stressful

Was your clearance done online, physical, or both?


How do you feel about your first day in school?

I was excited but still scared because I knew I had a longer way to go.

What is your advice to Jambites?

Well my advice to them is to put God first and also study hard

Also note that no matter how many times you fail never give up instead let ur failures strengthen you to become better and to work harder.

What is the name of your school?

University of Benin, UNIBEN

What do you have in mind to tell those that are inspiring to attend your school?

The struggle gets more difficult every year because the institution has built a name for Excellency.

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Gaining admission into UNIBEN it take the grace of God and your grades.

So prayerfully apply for the institution.

Do you have any other things you will love to share with Jambites?

Well I would say be courageous and believe in your own abilities and God will see you through.

Hope you get the right motivation of what to know about Post UTME? We are here for you and we’d love to share your Jamb story; send us a mail at contact@globgist.com to share yours too.

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