Three tips to successfully switch careers

Written By: Juliet Israel

Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, “I am tired of being a Customer Care Representative. I want to be an astronaut.”

Okay, well, some people may wake up and say that.

But just because you said you want to become an Astronaut doesn’t make you one in an instant.

Change is a gradual process. It doesn’t just happen in an instant.

Switching careers must have stemmed from a thought, an idea, a well thought out decision, etc.

But why do people switch careers? Everyone has a genuine or personal reason for wanting to change careers, and each reason is peculiar to them.

Here are four common reasons people change careers:

1.     Boredom: A lot of people hate routine tasks. They prefer exciting new challenges every day and may decide to switch profession if they find their present career boring. They probably feel stuck in their chosen career and would love to try out something completely different, new and exciting.

2.     Confusion: Not many people know what they really want. Today, they dream of being an Accountant, tomorrow, they wish they were an Engineer, the next day, they want to be a scientist, and it goes on like that. Some people switch careers because they are confused. They don’t know what career it is they should be focusing on, so they try out everything.

3.     Dream chasers: We all have dreams, aspirations, set goals, etc. But sometimes, circumstances may not be in our favour, and we end up chasing a career against our will/desire. Some people switch careers to pursue their dreams eventually. I know of someone who graduated as a doctor but abandoned the degree to start chasing a profession in law. He wanted to follow his dreams by all means and didn’t mind starting over.

4.     Technological advancement: Times have changed. The digital era is upon us and has subtly replaced so many jobs that used to exist in time past. This is one reason some people may consider switching careers. Jobs that didn’t exist ten years ago have now sprung up, and jobs that used to exist ten years ago have phased out. You may decide to switch careers to keep up with the ongoing technological advancement.

Whatever your reasons are for switching careers, these few tips could help you successfully switch careers:

1.     Have an apparent reason for wanting to switch:

It is not enough to want to change careers. What are the motives behind it? If it’s because you think that career is more profitable, what happens when you find a career even more valuable than the one you’re switching to? Have a personal, well thought out reason for wanting to change. This is the first step to switch careers successfully.

2.     Get the right knowledge/qualification for the new career: 

You can’t successfully switch to a career you have no background knowledge in without equipping yourself with the proper knowledge. If the career you are changing to does not require going back to school, provide yourself with the right expertise online. There are several free tools and resources online that could help position you for success in your chosen career path.

3.     Gain experience: 

Getting a job after switching careers may not come easy as you may be considered incompetent for the job with no experience. You can volunteer to render your services or expertise for free to gain the required expertise necessary for a better opportunity. “Free work is still work”, and there is dignity in every labour, as long as it is legitimate.

Above all, do not let anyone talk down on your skills, decision and expertise, know your worth and treat you right.

We wish you the very best in your chosen career field.

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  1. Beautiful, awesome and we’ll laid out. I’ve known Juliet Israel to be a great writer that gives wonderful presentations, and she just did justice to it 👏🏾💯.

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