Talk The Matter

June 13th edition

I day hail una wen come jam us for talk the matter this week. We day reason all the big tori wen shake ground for the week inside naija. 

Tori wen we wan start with na from Ondo state, wen Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu day tell everybody say, rumours wen come out say him party APC no clear am, na lie-lie tori. 

Akeredolu say make all him people wen day support am, no listen to dat kain tori because na him opponents day talk am to distract them.

For inside the same Ondo state, the House of Assembly on Tuesday, bring paper say dem wan comot the Deputy Governor Agboola Ajayi from office. For the paper 14 of the members say Ajayi must go while 9 wen remain say dem no gree make Ajayi comot. 

Las-las dem con talk say Constitution say dem go first gather people form panel wen go check whether wetin Ajayi do reach wetin go make them comot am.

Tori still carry say the Deputy Speaker, Iroju Ogundeji and Adewale williams (wen join people wen say Ajayi no go comot) chop suspension because of the way dem take behave for the matter. 

This wan join wetin con vex Jamiu Maito wen be Majority Leader for the house wen con make am resign, say him no do Majority Leader work again. Another person wen still resign na APC Chairman for Ese-Odo local government wen resign from APC.

Wetin we hear say naim day cause all these gbege na say, the Deputy Governor, Ajayi comot from APC to PDP because of say him day quarrel with Governor Akeredolu. 

Las-las dem carry House of Assembly matter of forming panel go meet Court people so dat dem go fit pursue Ajayi comot from office.

Chief judge wen dem carry matter go meet, con talk say dem no fit form panel because na corner-corner way dem take follow the matter, and no be as Constitution talk am naim dem do am.

Another tori wen we wan yan na, Ibrahim Magu wen be EFCC oga matter. For people wen no know, EFCC na dem be people wen day catch wayo people and 419 people for Nigeria. 

Where the tori for start be say Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami write letter give President, Muhammadu Buhari say make him comot Magu as Chairman for EFCC matter. 

Malami day talk say Magu EFCC record for money wen dem collect and the wan wen ministry of finance get no be the same; him still talk say Magu no loyal, unto say him no get respect for him position as AGF; E say Magu no day obey court order not to talk of him wen be AGF. 

Him still add more say magu day form cabal wen dem day call “Magu Boys” wen only Magu day run. Presido, Buhari con set up panel wen go check whether wetin AGF talk na true. 

Panel people day talk the matter with Magu since on Monday and dem never still settle am. Dem even send people go Magu house for Karu go search am as another tori come out say him buy properties for Dubai, but nobody know whether dem see any evidence against am for there.

Oga Presido, Buhari con finally suspend am on friday, so that EFCC people no go fear to expose him secret because of say na dem oga. Magu for now still day detention and we hear say him write letter give Olokpa(Police) people Oga say make them allow him people bail am since him don stay pass 48hours for police hand. 

Na there we go stop for this week and make una no forget say other tori and totori articles dem day for our blog make una still subscribe to our newsletter to day get our updates sharp-sharp. Till next week, make una reason the matter.

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