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The Jamb examination is a must for every individual who wants to enter higher institution in Nigeria. Its overall score is 400 and individual higher institutions are responsible for deciding what the cut off mark may be.

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Admission into higher institution is a hard battle to win in Nigeria, with numerous tales of students settling for unwanted courses, staying at home for over 7 years while they consistently try to gain admission. 

This week we will be interviewing Joy, a recent graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Benin, on how her jamb experience was.

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According to Joy, her cousin was her personal coach when she was preparing for her Jamb Examination and She futher acknowledge her cousin for doing an excellent job for her.

Joy wrote her Jamb Examination Once.

When applying for Jamb, what are the schools you applied for?

I applied for UNIBEN , Auchi Polytechnic and Ekiadolor College of Education.

What made you choose the school you graduated from?

Well I choose UNIBEN because it was close to my State of Residence, Delta State. It’s a Federal institution among the 10 top best tertiary institution, and also it’s tution fee is far more affordable to me than my secondary School fee; so putting this together I knew that UNIBEN was just the best for me.

Did you attend any Jamb Class in preparation for the Jamb Exam?

No I didn’t but I had a cousin who was my guide. As at the time I wrote jamb he was my personal coach and he did an excellent job.

How many times did you write Jamb Exam?

I wrote JAMB once

What were your challenges in preparing for your Jamb Exam?


What was your Jamb score?


Were you convinced that your Jamb score would scale you through?


How was your POST UME experience?

Well it was cool for me because I had someone who already knew about the school environment so locating my venue wasn’t difficult although it rained that day but everything went on smoothly. When it was my time to write the exam, I was called in and shown my seat. We started after the invigilator asked us to start . Well in my hall everything went on smoothly there was no exam malpractice recorded unlike in some of the halls. I also made some news friends that day although we really didn’t bound very well

Were you given admission into your dream school?

Yes I was

How was the clearance like in your school? Was it difficult or easy?

The clearance was well coordinated everyone had their date and time.

Was your clearance done online, physical, or both?

My clearance was both physical and online

How do you feel about your first day in school?

It was really cool especially my first day in class. I went 20mins before time and the class was already full to the brim. The learning condition in my first year wasn’t really encouraging.

What is your advice to Jambites?

I will tell them to stay focus and always ask questions for clarity sake; and always have circles of friends that challenges themselves, Don’t just keep friends for cheap talks.

What is the name of your school?


What do you have in mind to tell those that are inspiring to attend your school?

I will tell them to sit up and always believe in themselves..

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