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6 Ways to Unwind to reduce stress and Enhance Self-care

Let’s be real, this year hasn’t been the ideal year. We’ve all experienced varying amounts of either stress or depression because of the global pandemic.

We’ve chosen to brighten ourselves up and kick stress out of our lives with some serious self-care. Our Self-Care article today brings all sorts of different ways to unwind. We’ve tried our hands at ceramics, brewed kombucha tea, delved into lucid dreaming and much more.
Here are 6 self-care tips to help you relax:

Take a warm bath  

The self-care method on top of our list tp reduce stress is taking a warm bath.

A warm shower is an incredible method to let your day loosen up. Using Fragrant healing otherwise known as Aromatherapy according to Thrive Global can likewise be utilized while you are washing up to improve your experience. Ensure that you give yourself enough opportunity to genuinely make the most of your shower. A rushed shower won’t assist you with feeling extremely loose.

Guided meditation

This perhaps is the hardest but one of the most fulfilling ways to reduce stress. we can achieve this by going solo and trying 10 minutes of meditation to any calming music, to set the tone and energy for the day.

If you’re new to this or find yourself going off the path, it gets better with time and there are other apps that help you monitor this.

Hit the gym


Going to the gym is a great way to get your blood pumping and forgetting about all of the stress of the day. Natural endorphins are released when you exercise on a regular basis. Even if you feel like the stress of won’t go away, you will be surprised when you start going hard at the gym how your stress just starts to fade away. Also, exercise helps us sleep better at night and since it relieves stress and enhances sleep; it’s a win-win.

Switch Off your Cell and Read a Book

This is a problem we face in this current century and give the state of countries during this lockdown it has made people become more addictive to their phones.

It’s hard to take some time off from constantly being plugged in. Sometimes it better to take it old-school, with a hardcover book for comfort; and without the constant distractions of notifications and chats from our mobile devices.


It is stunning how your preferred music can simply assist you with forgetting pretty much the entirety of the pressure you were feeling that day. It is essential to wake up and begin your morning with your preferred music on! Feeling this newly discovered vitality will permit you to push through the pressure and begin to unwind. You can also relieve stress by kicking back in your preferred seat and putting on some extremely loosening up music.

Comfort food and Homemade Meals

The last self-care tips we will be sharing to reduce stress is going out to eat with your friends or colleagues. it can be probably the most ideal approaches to loosen up in the wake of a difficult day at work. Eating your preferred food has a method of improving our mood pretty much.

In the event that you need to take this to a higher level, you can even cook your preferred nourishments. At the point when you cook your preferred food without anyone else, they have a propensity of tasting better only because of the time and effort you put into making the supper. A brisk excursion to the bread shop can likewise be a pleasant method to disregard the entirety of the pressure that you have been managing during your day.

Developing a good habit of self-care will make it easy for you to budget the time it takes to truly unwind.

Thanks for reading and if you have other methods of self-care you use, kindly drop it in the comment below.

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